International Conference on

Fatwa and Contemporary Issues

Jakarta, 20-22 July 2018


About Conference

It is our pleasure to inform you that Association of Indonesian Islamic Education lecturers in cooperation with Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Council of Ulama) , would hold an international conference on ‘Fatwa and Contemporary Issues” on 20-22  July 2018 in Jakarta Indonesia.

Fatwa is the result of ijtihad a mujtahid, is the answer to the question or legal decision / decision about a problem or a real event. Fatwa material is syara ‘law which is obtained through ijtihad. In this case mufti same position with qadhi, ie convey the law to the ummah. Whereas qadhi conveys the law through legal decision or in the trial process after the case is submitted by the ummah. Both the fatwa or the Qadhi verdict, both of which are the result of “ijtihad”

Fatwa as a result of ijtihad a mufti to answer a problem of the ummah resulted from the istinbat process of the texts of al-Qur’an and al-Hadith. If not found in both then it is based on the method of ijtihadnya, in this case the consideration is the time, place, circumstances and customs in the region. As in a rule it is formulated:

تغير الفتوى بتغير الزمان والمكان والأحوال والعادات

Fatwa changes occur with changing times, places, circumstances, and customs.

On that basis, the Indonesian Council of Ulama of DKI Jakarta in cooperation with the Association of Indonesian Islamic Education Lecturers plans to hold an International Conference titled: “Fatwa and Contemporary Issues”.

In contrast to similar seminars on fatwas, the international conference of fatwas this time next will be followed by scholars and mufti from various countries, this conference will be attended by academics and researchers from various universities in the world. The presence of mufti / scholars and academics in one forum is expected to enrich the discussion of fatwas, both theoretically and practically. In addition, the conference is different from other similar seminars because in addition to reviewing the fatwa issue with various religious and religious perspectives, the conference seeks to gain strategic input on the fatwa organization. Feedback around the organizations authorized to handle fatwas is expected to become a uniform management model worldwide.

Conference Venue

Santika Hotel Taman Mini Indoensia Indah  East Jakarta

Conference Theme

The topics in the conference are as follows, and not limited to:

  1. Review the development of fatwas concept and methodology
  2. Discuss the influence of the theological paradigm of the fatwa
  3. Looking for the fatwa models that combines classical fiqh and modern sciences
  4. To Discuss the fatwa models that compatible with the development of  peace and harmony
  5. To Discuss the discourse on fatwas and the religious statement
  6. To Discuss the administrative and organizational aspects of fatwa institutions
  7. To Discuss  the influence of political aspects on the fatwa


Important Date

Date Agenda
1 January – 18 July 2018 Registration
1 January- 15 June 2018 Abstract Submission
10 July 2018 Full Paper Submission



You are invited

We are therefore eager to invite your participation in the conference and we would like to invite you to send the participation form and the abstract at latest 5 May 2018  and full paper by 10 July 2018 in order for us to be able to include it in the proceeding. 


Paper Criteria

  1. Papers are written in Arabic (Traditional Arabic 14 font size) or English (Times New Roman 12 font size) from 10 to 15 pages.
  2. Title of paper, author’s name, and institution should be placed on the top of the first page
  3. Curriculum vitae and newest photo must be included and sent to email
  4. Author should include recommendation in the end of the paper
  5. Papers must meet the criteria of academic writing in order to be selected
  6. Abstract and paper are sent via email to :

معايير البحوث

أن يكون حجم الخط في كتابة البحث بالعربية (14) وبالإنجليزية (12)، وأما الحواشي فتكون بحجم (11). على نظام ويندوز بخط

، للبحث بالانجليزية (Times new roman)  ،للبحث بالعربية (Traditional Arabic)11

مع ترك مسافة 2.5 سم في جوانب الصفحة الأربعة، وأن يتراوح البحث ما بين(10) إلى (15) صفحة

أن يذكر في أعلى الصفحة عنوان البحث واسم الكاتب والجهة الموفدة وعنوان البريد الأليكتروني.

أن يرفق البـاحثُ مع بحثه سيرةً ذاتيةً موجزة له و فيها صورةً حديثة، وتُرسـلُ بالبريد الالكتروني.

أن يذكر البحث التوصيات المترتبة من بحثه في ختام البحث.

جميع بحوث المؤتمر تُعرض للتحكيم وَفْقَ الشروط المتبعة أكاديميًا.

 : يرسل الملخص والبحث إلى البريد الإلكتروني

Conference Fee

Local Participants

Rp 500.000,-

  • From Indonesia.
  • Students, Teacher, Lecturers.
  • Registration, meals, and conference kits.
  • Transport: none.


International Participants


  • From Overseas.
  • Students, Teacher, Lecturers.
  • Registration, meals, conference kits, proceedings.
  • Transportation from hotel to conference venue & vice versa.



Account: BNI Syariah 0801197892, Muhammad Lukman


Postal Address: Gedung FIS Lt. 2 Kampus A Universitas Negeri Jakarta Rawamangun Jakarta Indonesia. Email:

Contact Person
  • Andy Hadiyanto +62 81291419061
  • Ahmad Sudrajat +6289662326422
  • Mulawarman +6281284688941